New Patient Initial Consultation

Before Dr. Michael Wiernicki or Dr. Randall Shults can propose a treatment plan, we need to take a peek at your teeth. Simply click on the start your consultation button below to take and upload a few images of your teeth. No appointment necessary.  The photos below show what pictures to take and the video offers tips on how to take them.

Existing Patient Virtual Follow-UP Appointments

Imagine, a virtual checkup of your treatment progress from the comfort of your own home!

Please ask the Staff if your treatment is eligible for a virtual appointment, If eligible, click the start your consultation button below to begin.

Do your best to match the photo to the right.

Let’s warm up with a head-on selfie. Bite down on your back teeth and smile as wide as you can!

Next up, we need to see your smile from the left side.

Still biting down on your back teeth, pull your cheek back either with your fingers or using a spoon.

Let's try the same shot, this time from the right.

Make sure you're biting down on your back teeth!

Next up, we need to see your upper teeth from below.

Open wide! You may want to enlist the help of a friend for this one.

Almost done: just one shot left! This time, we need to see your lower teeth.

Start Your Consultation

View our video below for tips on how to take your photos