As your source for exceptional braces and Invisalign or Spark Aligners treatment in and around Wellington and West Palm Beach, FL, we at Shults Orthodontics are excited about the work that we do. We love giving patients in our communities the straight and beautiful smile that they’ve always desired. Don’t just take our word for it though – check out some before and after photos of our adolescent treatment that show the orthodontic results we’ve helped our patients achieve.

Dental Crowding

One of the most common types of orthodontic issues – especially for adolescents – is dental crowding. This is when the mouth doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all of a patient’s teeth. This leads to teeth shifting and sticking outside of their intended dental arch. With the application of our braces, we’ve given these patients straighter and more beautiful smiles.

Overbite + Dental Spacing

While a patient’s teeth are supposed to slightly overlap the lower teeth when biting down, when they greatly overlap the lower teeth, this is what is known as an overbite. Here are a few cases where our braces have fixed this orthodontic condition.

Underbite + Dental Spacing

An underbite is when the lower jaw sticks out farther than normal, causing the lower teeth to sit in front of the upper teeth when biting down. Here’s an example of a case that we treated that dealt with both an underbite and dental spacing.

Missing Upper Lateral Incisors

With our amazing orthodontic work, we’re even able to help patients who have missing upper lateral incisors. See for yourself how we’ve restored the beautiful smile to a patient who was missing these teeth.

Asymmetric Open Bite

With an asymmetric open bite, the upper teeth don’t properly close over the lower teeth, leading to potential problems with keeping liquids in the mouth and retaining food when swallowing. After our treatment, we’ve restored proper function to these bites as you can see in the photos of the braces results.

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Don’t feel like orthodontic treatment is just for teenagers – with our adult braces and Invisalign treatments, we can help give you the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted! Modern adult treatment is more convenient and comfortable than ever while still providing the same exceptional results as treatment for adolescents. Feel free to check out some of the great adult braces results we’ve provided for our patients.

Class I Dental Crowding

Patients with crowding don’t have the necessary space in their mouth to accommodate all of their teeth. This will lead to some teeth shifting around, sticking out, or just not being in a perfectly straight alignment with the other teeth. As you can see in the ‘before’ photo, there’s no room for the patient’s teeth along the intended alignment so they just sit wherever they can possibly find room. In the ‘after’ photo, this dental crowding has been treated to give the patient a straight smile.

Class III Dental Crowding + Crossbite

Dental crowding can occur in addition to other orthodontic problems as well. For this patient, there’s an issue with crowding along with a crossbite. A crossbite is where the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. A crossbite can cause a number of long-term problems, including misaligned jaw growth and tooth stratification. With our adult braces, we’re able to both align the teeth and fix this bite problem.

Class I Dental Spacing

Dental spacing is essentially the opposite of crowding; it’s when there’s too much room in the mouth for the teeth. This can lead to unpleasant gaps between some of the teeth. With our adult braces and Invisalign treatments, we’re able to straighten these smiles and eliminate any unwanted gaps.

Class I Dental Spacing + Missing Teeth

Another type of dental spacing that can occur is when there are actually missing teeth. With our expert orthodontic treatment, we’re even capable of inserting replacement teeth in order to restore a person’s beautiful smile as you can see from the photos of the adult braces results.

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We at Shults Orthodontics are proud of the phenomenal work we do for our patients in and around Wellington and West Palm Beach, FL with our Invisalign or Spark Clear Aliger treatment. Not only do clear aligners offer a discreet orthodontic treatment with plenty of conveniences when compared to braces (it’s more comfortable, they won’t break as often, and you can continue eating your favorite foods), but it offers just as beautiful of results too. Check out some of the great Invisalign results we’ve provided for our patients by taking a look at these before and after Invisalign photos below.

Open Bite + Dental Crowding

When a patient has his or her mouth closed, the upper teeth should slightly overlap the lower teeth. With an open bite, there’s actually a gap between the upper and lower teeth when closing down. In some cases, this gap can even be large enough so that a tongue can fit through. This can often be the result of a jaw growth problem or oral habit, such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. With the usage of Invisalign, we’re able to help close this gap and give a patient a proper bite again.

Dental Spacing

Another orthodontic condition that we’re capable of treating with Invisalign is dental spacing. Dental spacing is when the jaw space is too big for the teeth to completely fill in, leading to large and noticeable gaps between some of the teeth. Take a look at a few of our patients with spacing issues and see how we were able to close their gaps and give them more beautiful smiles.

Dental Crowding

The opposite of dental spacing, dental crowding is when a patient doesn’t have the necessary space in the mouth for the existing teeth. You’ll see in the ‘before’ pictures of our dental crowding patients that the teeth can’t form a perfect arch; a few of the teeth are pushed outside of the arch because there’s just not enough space for all of them to fit. After our Invisalign treatment, we provide our patients with more ideally aligned and attractive teeth.

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Lingual Braces

We take great pride in the orthodontic care and braces treatments we provide and want you to have a smile that you can proudly show off. Don’t just take our word for it though; have a look at some of the before and after pictures of the patients who have undergone lingual braces treatment when they visited Shults Orthodontics. If you’re impressed with the results, we hope you’ll schedule a free consultation with us.

Class II Moderate "Overbite" with Dental Crowding

Patient's initial concerns were the crowded appearance of her upper front teeth and a moderate overbite. The dental crowding can easily be improved with either "Invisalign" or braces but correcting the overbite is more complex and requires braces. Three options to correct the overbite were considered: 1] bite adjusting appliances, 2] surgical-orthodontic advancement of the lower jaw or 3] extraction of two upper bicuspids. The patient preferred option 3 to extract upper bicuspids.

For optimal esthetics during treatment, "Incognito" lingual braces were placed on the tongue side of the upper teeth. Damon braces were placed on the lip side of the lower teeth ("Incognito" braces are also available for the lower teeth).

Treatment Time = 4 months

At 4 months the patient's teeth are aligning nicely and her overbite improving with closure of the upper bicuspid extraction spaces.

Treatment Time = 10 months

Extraction space almost totally closed. Teeth aligning nicely.

Treatment Time = 18 months

Patient's beautiful smile with ideal overbite correction.

Moderate Incisor Crowding

Patient's initial concern was the crowded and crooked appearance of her front teeth. To meet Ali's esthetic concerns, "Invisalign" or "Incognito" braces were recommended. She selected "Incognito" braces because the removable features of "Invisalign" would be incompatible with her lifestyle.

Treatment Time = 16 months

The patient was very pleased with her choice. "Incognito" braces on the tongue side of her teeth was the perfect match for her. Ali is wearing "permanent" bonded lingual retainers because she did not want anything removable.

Moderate Incisor Crowding & Deep Incisor Overbite

The patient did not like the crowded appearance of her teeth. She also has a deep incisor overbite with mild enamel breakdown. The deep overbite hides her lower front teeth behind her upper teeth and triggers a grinding reflex which is chipping her teeth. The patient attempted to wear Invisalign for several months, but it was not right for her lifestyle.

At 6 months of treatment, the patient's teeth are aligning nicely and the deep incisor overbite is opening.

Treatment Time = 16 months

The patient was absolutely delighted by the beautiful result she achieved in 16 months. Her teeth are now far more attractive and easier to clean than before the lingual braces. And her bite is no longer contributing to traumatic incisor wear. This will help her maintain her attractive smile for the rest of her life.

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Insignia Digital Braces

Insignia digital braces and archwires are designed and manufactured using CAD-CAM technology (computer-aided, design-computer aided manufacturing). Insignia digital braces are made specific to your teeth and unique treatment needs. This digital precision increases the efficiency of tooth movement and typically reduces treatment time by 25%.


The patient was unhappy with the severe crowded appearance of his teeth and shift of the midline of the upper front teeth to the right. His bite was open in the front and the upper right lateral incisor was located on the roof of his mouth in crossbite with the lower incisors placing this tooth at risk for chipping and excessive wear.

His orthodontic treatment included asymmetric bicuspid extractions, Insignia digital braces and only thirteen adjustment appointments.

This patient presented with impacted upper canine teeth, moderate dental crowding and a severe deep incisor bite damaging the gum tissue on the tongue side of the upper incisors.

His orthodontic treatment included dental alignment, extrusion of the impacted upper cuspids, Insignia digital braces and 22 active appointments. The upper impacted cuspids extruded nicely and the severe deep incisor bite was dramatically reduced to minimal vertical incisor overlap which not only is healthier for the teeth and surrounding gums but also much more attractive.

Patient presented with mild-moderate dental crowding and a deep incisor bite.

Patient's teeth and bite aligned very nicely with Insignia digital braces and 12 active appointments.​