Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Orthodontic Treatment in Wellington, FL

Atheletic-Mouthguards-Types---Skull.jpgAt Shults Orthodontics, our mission is to help patients of all ages achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through convenient orthodontic treatment. As a leading orthodontist serving the greater Wellington, FL area, we're proud to offer a wide range of treatment options, and we work hard to customize each treatment to suit the unique lifestyles of our patients. But protecting your teeth is as important to a healthy smile as orthodontic treatment, and if you're one of our patient athletes, that means a custom-made mouthguard is absolutely vital.

Why Should I Use an Athletic Mouthguard?

Whether recreational or professional, sports are one of the leading causes of damage to the teeth and the mouth. The injuries that can come from football, soccer, hockey, and other contact sports may make this obvious, but dental trauma can just as easily occur in "non-contact" sports like baseball or volleyball. Accidents in these sports can cause serious injury to the teeth, and it only takes one to leave a long-term impact.

Athletic mouthguards are custom-made mouthpieces designed to protect the teeth from injury during athletic play or practice. These mouthguards are custom-molded to perfectly fit your teeth and bite, encasing the teeth in shock-absorbing protective material that minimizes impact force on the teeth and keeps the jaws firmly in position, helping to protect against a wide range of dental injuries including chipping, tooth fracture, jaw joint (TMJ) injuries, and even jaw fractures. Use of an athletic mouthguard can reduce the likelihood of dental trauma by more than 60 times, making it one of the most effective ways to protect your teeth during sports – especially if you're wearing braces.

Athletic Bite Guards

Mouthguards are important to prevent damage from dental trauma, but trauma isn't the only way that teeth can be damaged from physical activity. Even those who do seemingly safe activities like weight lifting or crossfit may suffer enamel damage due to unconscious clenching of the teeth. Many people who lift weights or exercise regularly bite down heavily during moments of extreme exertion without realizing it, and this excessive bite force can cause tiny micro-fractures to form in the tooth enamel that can lead to decay or damage. To prevent this, we can provide lighter, thinner bite guards that protect teeth from bite-force damage but don't have the bulk of a full mouthguard, providing the perfect level of protection during exercise.

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Athletic mouthguards and bite guards are vital to protecting the teeth during sports, exercise, and physical activity, and if you'd like to learn more about getting one, we can help. Contact us today to find out more about athletic mouthguards or to schedule an appointment for a fitting. We can't wait to help you protect your teeth from trauma so your beautiful smile can last you a lifetime!