Insignia Digital Braces

insignia bracesOur Insignia digital braces are a revolutionary new approach to braces and orthodontics. With the help of advanced digital technology, Insignia is able to create customized and precise wires and brackets that are capable of better suiting a patient’s individual orthodontic needs. As they’re custom-made to your teeth with orthodontic archwires that are robotically fabricated to your own unique needs, they can provide a more accurate treatment than other mass-produced forms of orthodontics.

Advantages of Insignia Digital Braces

Insignia digital braces offer many advantages that you simply won’t get with traditional braces. Some of the reasons why you may want to consider these digital braces are as follows:

  • Insignia utilizes advanced technology that will allow your Wellington, FL orthodontist to provide you with a 100 percent customized treatment. Insignia is unique to your needs and its brackets and wires will only fit on your teeth.
  • This customized treatment will also allow it to achieve more accuracy for patients.
  • Because it’s unique to each patient, it allows for a faster and more comfortable treatment.
  • Insignia software will allow you to see the finished result of the braces before you even put them on.
  • Insignia orthodontists require additional training and certification, meaning that your orthodontist will be especially qualified and will have a mastery of the process.

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