Damon Braces

woman in dentist chairDamon braces are self-ligating braces that are similar to traditional metal braces and fitted in the same way, but they have one major difference. This difference lies in the usage of a slide mechanism. While metal braces have brackets that will tighten and adjust the braces, Damon braces use this slide mechanism to attach wires to brackets to move them naturally with the teeth as they realign. Damon braces are attached to a memory-shape wire that will connect these slide brackets without the need of the pressure that elastics produce.


Advantages of Damon Braces

Damon braces may cost more than traditional metal braces, but they also bring an entire host of great benefits for those who choose this orthodontic treatment:

  • Because Damon braces use high-technology, memory-shape wires, they’ll be able to shift your teeth quicker. This will result in a shorter treatment time – up to 50 percent faster than metal braces!

  • Since the treatment time is shorter, this will also mean that fewer visits to your Wellington and West Palm Beach, FL orthodontist will be needed.

  • Damon braces use tie-less braces that don’t need to be tightened. This will put less pressure on the teeth, meaning that a patient will feel much less discomfort.

  • This is a clinically-proven treatment that can align teeth without the need for other orthodontic appliances or extractions.

Damon Braces clear braces bracket.   Damon Braces stainless steel metal braces bracket.

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