What Will I Feel During Treatment?

Woman covering her mouth with her handOne of the most common questions that orthodontists receive from patients starting their treatment is this one. It’s a reasonable inquiry, considering that braces and other orthodontics may be worn for long periods of time and adjustments are sometimes considerably pronounced.

Patients fear the process will hurt, and while there are occasions in which patients experience discomfort during placement or at the time of adjustment, in general orthodontics are barely noticeable.

Just a Couple Pounds of Pressure

Whether you’re using clear braces, traditional ones, or more modern options like Invisalign that rethink the orthodontic experience, the overall concept remains the same. Your local orthodontist will exert pressure against the teeth, and its structure is such that the pressure slowly moves each tooth in the direction required to result in a straighter, more beautiful smile.

A couple of pounds of pressure isn’t very much, and the reason that such a small amount of force is needed is because it’s applied over a long period of time. This allows the experience to be gradual enough that it’s hardly noticeable for dental patients.

Feel For Yourself

If you’re curious about just how much pressure the braces exert, simply put your fingers to the back of your other hand and push down firmly, yet without exerting yourself. That’s not a lot, and it doesn’t hurt, right? If you kept the pressure there, though, you’d eventually see a mark, and after a long time it might even bruise. That’s what happens when your orthodontics are installed, and as a result, an ache can develop when they are freshly adjusted. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The sensation usually lasts 2-7 days
  • It is dull and usually not very intense
  • Over-the-counter analgesics are highly effective at treating this discomfort

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