Before & After Surgical Orthodontic Treatment by Dr. Randall C. Shults




Amy was most concerned about the short appearance of her chin and overbite. She was also interested in straighter teeth and a prettier smile.



Braces were placed to align the teeth in preparation for surgery. Amy's lower jaw was then surgically advanced to correct the overbite and optimize her facial esthetics.




I met George late in the 2nd year of his orthodontic treatment. His originating orthodontist was appropriately treating George’s dental crowding with braces and attempting to modify his facial growth with dento-facial orthopedics to correct the short lower jaw and “overbite”. Unfortunately, conventional braces and growth modification were not adequately correcting the problem.



New braces were placed to facilitate completion of the pre-surgical orthodontic alignment. The lower jaw was then surgically repositioned to correct the bite and optimize George’s dental and facial esthetics.