Photo Gallery – Before & After Lingual Braces

We take great pride in the orthodontic care and braces treatments we provide and want you to have a smile that you can proudly show off. Don’t just take our word for it though; have a look at some of the before and after pictures of the patients who have undergone lingual braces treatment when they visited Shults Orthodontics. If you’re impressed with the results, we hope you’ll schedule a free consultation with us.

 krista - class ii moderate "overbite" with dental crowding


Krista's initial concerns were the crowded appearance of her upper front teeth and a moderate overbite. The dental crowding can easily be improved with either "Invisalign" or braces but correcting the overbite is more complex and requires braces. Three options to correct the overbite were considered: 1] bite adjusting appliances, 2] surgical-orthodontic advancement of the lower jaw or 3] extraction of two upper bicuspids. Krista preferred option 3 to extract upper bicuspids.

For optimal esthetics during treatment, "Incognito" lingual braces were placed on the tongue side of the upper teeth. Damon braces were placed on the lip side of the lower teeth ("Incognito" braces are also available for the lower teeth).

treatment time = 4 months

Krista progress 1

At 4 months Krista's teeth are aligning nicely and her overbite improving with closure of the upper bicuspid extraction spaces.

treatment time = 10 months

Krista progress 2

Extraction space almost totally closed.  Teeth aligning nicely.

treatment time = 18 months

Krista Final

Krista's beautiful smile with ideal overbite correction.



 ali - moderate incisor crowding

Ali  intial

Ali's initial concern was the crowded and crooked appearance of her front teeth. To meet Ali's esthetic concerns, "Invisalign" or "Incognito" braces were recommended. She selected "Incognito" braces because the removable features of "Invisalign" would be incompatible with her lifestyle.

Treatement time = 16 months

 AK final

Ali was very pleased with her choice. "Incognito" braces on the tongue side of her teeth was the perfect match for her.  Ali is wearing "permanent" bonded lingual retainers because she did not want anything removable.




ellie - moderate incisor crowding & deep incisor overbite


Ellie did not like the crowded appearance of her teeth. She also has a deep incisor overbite with mild enamel breakdown.  The deep overbite hides her lower front teeth behind her upper teeth and triggers a grinding reflex which is chipping her teeth. Ellie attempted to wear Invisalign for several months, but it was not right for her lifestyle.

tx time = 6 months


At 6 months of treatment, Ellie's teeth are aligning nicely and the deep incisor overbite is opening.

Treatment = 16 months

Ellie Post Incognito

Ellie was absolutely delighted by the beautiful result she achieved in 16 months.  Her teeth are now far more attractive and easier to clean than before the lingual braces. And her bite is no longer contributing to traumatic incisor wear. This will help Ellie maintain her attractive smile the rest of her life.

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