Before & After Invisalign Treatment by Dr. Randall C. Shults

We at Shults Orthodontics are proud of the phenomenal work we do for our patients in and around Wellington and West Palm Beach, FL with our Invisalign treatment. Not only does Invisalign offer a discreet orthodontic treatment with plenty of conveniences when compared to braces (it’s more comfortable, they won’t break as often, and you can continue eating your favorite foods), but it offers just as beautiful of results too. Check out some of the great Invisalign results we’ve provided for our patients by taking a look at these before and after Invisalign photos below. 


When a patient has his or her mouth closed, the upper teeth should slightly overlap the lower teeth. With an open bite, there’s actually a gap between the upper and lower teeth when closing down. In some cases, this gap can even be large enough so that a tongue can fit through. This can often be the result of a jaw growth problem or oral habit, such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. With the usage of Invisalign, we’re able to help close this gap and give a patient a proper bite again.  





Another orthodontic condition that we’re capable of treating with Invisalign is dental spacing. Dental spacing is when the jaw space is too big for the teeth to completely fill in, leading to large and noticeable gaps between some of the teeth. Take a look at a few of our patients with spacing issues and see how we were able to close their gaps and give them more beautiful smiles.





The opposite of dental spacing, dental crowding is when a patient doesn’t have the necessary space in the mouth for the existing teeth. You’ll see in the ‘before’ pictures of our dental crowding patients that the teeth can’t form a perfect arch; a few of the teeth are pushed outside of the arch because there’s just not enough space for all of them to fit. After our Invisalign treatment, we provide our patients with more ideally aligned and attractive teeth.  






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