Insignia Digital Braces

insignia digital braces


Insignia digital braces and archwires are designed and manufactured using CAD-CAM technology (computer aided design-computer aided manufacturing). Insignia digital braces are made specific to your teeth and unique treatment needs. This digital precision increases the efficiency of tooth movement and typically reduces treatment time by 25%.



Ed was unhappy with the severe crowded appearance of his teeth and shift of the midline of the upper front teeth to the right. Ed's bite was open in the front and the upper right lateral incisor was located on the roof of his mouth in crossbite with the lower incisors placing this tooth at risk for chipping and excessive wear.


​Ed's orthodontic treatment included asymmetric bicuspid extractions, Insignia digital braces and only thirteen adjustment appointments.



Hayden presented with impacted upper canine teeth, moderate dental crowding and a severe deep incisor bite damaging the gum tissue on the tongue side of the upper incisors.


​Hayden's orthodontic treatment included dental alignment, extrusion of the impacted upper cuspids, Insignia digital braces and 22 active appointments. The upper impacted cuspids extruded nicely and the severe deep incisor bite was dramatically reduced to minimal vertical incisor overlap which not only is healthier for the teeth and surrounding gums but also much more attractive.



Zack presented with mild-moderate dental crowding and a deep incisor bite.


Zack's teeth and bite aligned very nicely with Insignia digital braces and 12 active appointments.​