Before & After Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment by Dr. Randall C. Shults

As your source for exceptional braces and Invisalign treatment in and around Wellington and West Palm Beach, FL, we at Shults Orthodontics are proud of the work that we do. We’ve given plenty of patients in our communities the straight and beautiful smile that they’ve always desired. Don’t just take our word for it though – check out some before and after photos of our adolescent treatment that show the braces results that we’ve helped our patients achieve.

Dental Crowding

One of the most common types of orthodontic issues – especially for adolescents – is dental crowding. This is when the mouth doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all of a patient’s teeth. This leads to teeth shifting and sticking outside of their intended dental arch. With the application of our braces, we’ve given these patients straighter and more beautiful smiles. 












 Overbite + Dental Spacing

While a patient’s teeth are supposed to slightly overlap the lower teeth when biting down, when they greatly overlap the lower teeth, this is what is known as an overbite. Here are a few cases where our braces have fixed this orthodontic condition. 



Underbite + Dental Spacing 

An underbite is when the lower jaw sticks out farther than normal, causing the lower teeth to sit in front of the upper teeth when biting down. Here’s an example of a case that we treated that dealt with both an underbite and dental spacing.  



missing upper lateral incisors 

With our amazing orthodontic work, we’re even able to help patients who have missing upper lateral incisors. See for yourself how we’ve restored the beautiful smile to a patient who was missing these teeth.  



asymmetric open bite 

With an asymmetric open bite, the upper teeth don’t properly close over the lower teeth, leading to potential problems with keeping liquids in the mouth and retaining food when swallowing. After our treatment, we’ve restored proper function to these bites as you can see in the photos of the braces results.  




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