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  • Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats

    26 Oct 2017 | 0 Comments

    One of the biggest drawbacks of braces – as our patients often tell us – is that there are many foods that have to be avoided in order to keep the braces from getting damaged. This is never recognized more than around the time of Halloween – a holiday that’s most known for delicious candy and other desserts. While a patient with braces may feel a bit heartbroken that he or she can’t partake in the same sugary goodness as everyone else, we at Shults Orthodontics want to make sure that the holiday is still something that you can celebrate to its fullest extent. As your Wellington and West Palm Beach, FL orthodontist and orthodontic team, we’d like to give you a few recipes for some sweet Halloween treats that are as good for your braces as they are for your taste buds. Just make sure to eat them in moderation!

  • Braces vs. Invisalign: Advice from Wellington’s Orthodontist

    20 Sep 2017 | 0 Comments

    When you’re looking for an orthodontist in and around Wellington and West Palm Beach, FL, we at Shults Orthodontics strive to stand out by offering a plethora of efficient and convenient orthodontic treatments. We realize that each patient has different needs and desires, which is why we always want to be able to supply an option that’s perfect for you. Having said that, most of the time, the decision for our patients comes down to our two most popular options: braces and Invisalign. It’s a common dilemma for many of our patients and our orthodontist, Dr. Randall C. Shults, would like to help make the decision at least a bit easier for you by giving you the pros and cons of both treatments.

  • Adults, Get Braces as the Kids Go Back to School

    22 Aug 2017 | 0 Comments

    As your providers of Invisalign and braces for adults, we at Shults Orthodontics want to give all of our patients a comfortable and convenient orthodontic treatment that will lead to a straighter and healthier smile. When you’re getting orthodontic treatment, it’s important for you to consider when the most opportune time is to start. Truthfully, if you’re an adult, there’s actually an option that’s typically best. Whether you’re interested in adult braces or Invisalign, we recommend you consider getting your orthodontic treatment done after the kids go back to the school. Here are a few reasons why.

  • The Long-Term Benefits of Braces for Children

    22 Aug 2017 | 0 Comments

    As your trusted provider of orthodontic treatments, such as braces and Invisalign, in Wellington and West Palm Beach, FL, we at Shults Orthodontics encourage you to consider the benefits of orthodontics for your child. Undergoing orthodontic treatment can actually provide many long-term benefits that go beyond simply enhancing the appearance of his or her smile. We’d like to take the time to discuss a few of these added advantages of braces for teenagers and kids.

  • Welcome to our blog!

    14 Apr 2017 | 0 Comments

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read our blog! We like to keep our patients up-to-date with what’s happening in the office, so check often for the latest posts. We may post an informational article, an announcement about an office contest or a spotlight on a special patient or staff member!