Custom Athletic Mouthguards


Custom fit athletic mouthguards protect the teeth and jaws from traumatic injuries associated with contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey and basketball. Chipping, fracture and tooth abrasion can also happen while participating in sports traditionally considered "non-contact" such as baseball and volleyball.

Some advantages of a custom fit athletic mouthguard include a more secure fit and higher quality shock absorbing material that significantly reduces the force of impact to the teeth and jaws providing greater protection against dental trauma, jaw fracture and jaw joint ("TMJ") injury. AND they look COOL!

I also see significant enamel damage in athletes and "weekend warriors" that clench their teeth while weight lifting and the newer crossfit training. Enamel damage is the result of micro-fractures created by heavy bite force on the teeth during extreme exertion. Thinner and lighter biteguards will protect the teeth from bite-force damage without the bulk of a full mouthguard. The photo below shows thin thermoplastic biteguards on both the upper and lower teeth - which is great for orthodontic retention - but only one arch coverage (either the upper or lower) is adequate to protect the teeth from wear during exercise.